Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My new eye shadow palette

With an ever increasing and slightly obscene amount of nude eye shadows in my collection, I decided, having seen it done on YouTube, to have a go and customising my own eye shadow palette. Not only would this save on packaging and space, but I thought it would encourage me to use eye shadows that were overlooked due to being at the bottom of the pile! I firstly needed to find a palette. I read lots of reviews and decided the popular z palette didn't seem value for money considering it was cardboard! I therefore ended up buying an 88 palette below, costing £4.09. It was cheaper than empty palettes online, so I decided to rip the cheap eye shadows out.

Cheapy ebay 88 palette
The eye shadows were really easy to remove and came out complete so I may save some and add to the finished palette!

Half way...
I decided to use the 'candle method' of depoting my eye shadows, as I was too scared of ruining my GHD's. There are lots of examples of this on YouTube, and I found it quite easy. Apart from  a candle I used some tweezers, a pin, and a sharp knife. I managed to depot a vast range of shadows and not crack any! I then purchased some self adhesive magnetised paper from Hobbycraft to stick in the palette and placed my depotted shadows inside. Despite appearing metal, I was disappointed to find that some of the pans still wouldn't stick (Boots 17, No7 and MUA I'm talking to YOU!!) so I've had to stick magnets on the bottom of those, covering the labels telling me what each eye shadow is!

The nearly finished article..
I'm nearly done now. I'm really pleased with it, it makes it easier to see what I have, and more importantly, what I don't have! This palette for a start contains no matte shades, particularly a matte black I think. I may increase my collection and then do the same with blushers! The above palette now contains a mixture of Boots 17, No7, Clinique, Kiko, Maybelline, Stila, and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette.

Monday, 17 October 2011

My new dressing table...

Back in April, while having a wonder round my home town with my sister, I spotted this...
in a second hand furniture/junk shop. I had been looking for a dressing table for ages, as my Argos corner desk really wasn't cutting it as a home for my prized make up possessions. I had been struggling to find anything I liked and could afford anywhere, but when I saw this, I felt inspired to do a renovation job! The dressing table has 6 drawers and matching stool, and has glass panels on the horizontal surfaces. I think it was on sale for about £80, I got it for £70 with free delivery. The table is in fact solid oak *please don't shoot me for wanting to paint it* I couldn't leave it like that could I?
After one coat of primer (Zinsser B-I-N primer/sealer/stain killer spray)

Completed drawers, complete with glass crystal knobs

The finished article!

Complete with stuff, and essential picture of the canine!

Products used;
1. Cheap foam roller and brush from any DIY store
5. Monsoon meadow wallpaper (to line drawers and surfaces)(I got mine in b&q for less than £20 a roll)
6. Sandpaper in various different grades

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Barcelona Haul

The Haul! A selection from Kiko, Cargo, YSL and Benefit

So it wouldn't have been a proper holiday without buying some new stuff to bring back - which is what I did! Full reviews will follow, but for now just a little summary of my finds!
YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink
My first purchase, at the airport! Isn't the packaging just to die for? It was more of a rushed purchase than I would have liked, but I think the lipstick is beautiful. As it is so soft the colour can go on a little thick and make me a little washed out, but it looks beautful after a quick blot. Think I paid about £18 for it at the airport.
Benefit They're Real! Mascara
I had a make over at benefit in  a branch of sephora while I was away, and came away with this. Really like it, it makes my lashes exceptionally long, only negative so far is it seems quite difficult to get completely off!
Cargo Shanghai Palette
I also bought this little palette in Sephora. The white shade makes a lovely highlight, and the darkest shade is beautiful, but I'm not completely sold on the nude and pink shades, as the colour pay off doesn't seem great and they are a tad chalky. When used together they do make a nice neutral eye look though.
Kiko purchases
Kiko is a brand I hadn't come into contact with before, but had heard lots about. It is an Italian brand, who I believe have just opened their first store at Westfield in London. They do an amazing range of make up, and best of all, it's dead cheap! I've lost the receipt now, but the eyeshadows were around 4 Euro each, the nail polish was 2.50 Euro, the eyeshadow brush (MAC 224 dupe anyone?!?) around 6 and the duo fibre brush around 12 Euro. Initial impressions are fantastic, the nail polish (with Barry M topcoat) lasted a whole week without a single chip! I'll do another post with the eyeshadow shades but they were all light neutral/highlight shades.
Flormar Pretty Lipstick shade P311
Last but not least I saw a Flormar shop in the shopping centre by our hotel and popped in for a look - I cam away with this lipstick which was only 2.50 Euro I think! 

I could quite easily have come back with so much more, had Easyjet hand luggage restricitions not stopped me!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Barcelona! *Picture heavy post*

This is a long overdue post...
From 11th-16th September I went to Barcelona for a few days in my week off from uni. The weather was beautiful, the hotel was lovely, as was the little stash of cosmetics I brought back! For now though,  a few photos of our trip...
The view from our hotel room, and the AV Diagonal

Super king bed ♥

No prizes for guessing which is my side of the sink...

Me at Camp Nou before the Barcelona v AC Milan game

Enjoying a diet coke on the beach

One of the 7 beaches in Barcelona

A comedy shot at Camp Nou..

We both absolutely loved Barcelona, it had the perfect mix of weather, culture, beaches, the football (kept the boy happy) and the food was beautiful too. I highly recommend it! We stayed at the Barcelona Princess, it was a little way out of town (15 mins on metro), but meant it was a little quieter, 5 mins from beach and directly next to the largest shopping centre in all of Barcelona! I would highly recommend the hotel, it also had a sauna, jacuzzi, gym and 2 pools, one on the 23rd floor with incredible views.

To finish off however, I would like to highlight the fact that a. I only took hand luggage, and b. My suitcase was MINISCULE!