Tuesday, 16 August 2011

L'Oreal Elvive

Having been an avid Tigi user for years, I purchased this the other day when flying around Tesco having forgotten to order more Tigi online. I picked it up as a. it was on offer, and b. it mentioned highlighted hair. I must admit to never having tried Elvive before, despite it being one of the biggest chemist brands of shampoo. My main concern was that it would be conditioning enough, but not weigh down my fine flat hair, or make it overly greasy, as I try to avoid washing any more than every 3 days as it dries my hair out.

I was pleasantly surprised! Firstly, the product has a gorgeous honey-like scent, which smells almost good enough to eat! I noticed the softness in my hair straight away as I rinsed the conditioner in the shower. The first time I used this I let my hair dry naturally, usually a recipe for a frizzy disaster, but this time, no such trouble! My hair dried really quickly, and was not only lacking in frizziness, it had that softness that made you want to touch your hair all day long! I can't find these on the tesco website at all, so it may be worth checking them out in store, or they are £2.69 each from Boots.

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