Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mini make up splurge

The other day, while filling time waiting to meet a friend in town, I made a couple of purchases from both Boots and Superdrug!
Firstly, I took advantage of the 3 for £5 offer on Natural Collection at Boots. I'd heard good things about the lipsticks, so decided to get myself a trio of lip products! I purchased:
Moisture Shine Lipstick in 'Pink Mallow'
I'd heard good things about Natural Collection lipsticks and I'm actually really disappointed. This lipstick is, afterall, called 'moisture shine' and I found it to be anything but. It looked matte on my lips, so matte it enhanced any dryness and flakiness. The colour was nice, a pale pastel pink shade that suits my fair colouring, and the staying power wasn't bad for a lipstick that is £1.99 at full price. Not bad I guess, but it will be hard for me to wear as my lips are constantly dry, and I prefer a glossier look.
The gloss was probably my favourite product of the 3. The colour really complimented the lipstick, and when layered over the top is gave a nice shine and moisture that rectified the drying effect of the lipstick. It smells and tastes gorgeous! Has a nice consistency, although I did have a bit of a hair-stuck-on-lips moment when outside with a slight breeze!
Lip Lines Liner in 'Almond'
This is actually my first purchase of a lip liner, and I had read somewhere that these were not bad, so I decided to pick one up in a neutral shade to go with lots of lip products. Obviously I don't have experience with other lip liners to compare this to, but I felt the pencil was quite hard, and would benefit from a waxier texture. I had to press quite hard on my lips to get it to draw and this was quite uncomfortable! I didn't really feel it added any lasting power to my lipstick, and didn't appear to stay on too well. I have only used this pencil on one day so far however (at a family party where lots of drinking was involved) so I will try this again a few times before writing it off completely!

Overall I'm pretty happy with what I found for £5. I love the gloss, and I'm sure the lipstick can be improved with a bit of lip balm and gloss over the top!

Next I wandered down to Superdrug and bought this..

I have bought a few MUA products now, and was really popping in to see if the MUA Pro line had appeared at my local Superdrug yet, to no avail :o( However, I did eye up this blusher which I felt was a possible dupe for Clinique's 'smouldering plum', which I got in a GWP last year and is one of my favourite blushers.

The picture makes them look less alike, but it's actually not a bad dupe. The glitter in both blushers is very similar, however the overall colour of the MUA blush is more pinky than the clinique blush, which is more true to it's name and more 'plummy' in colour. I feel both would be very flattering on a wide range of skin tones, however the main problem I have discovered with the MUA blush is difficulty in blending, which I have never suffered with before. I have tried with my clinique flat topped blusher brush and a more tapered blush brush I have, and I really have to work hard to get it to blend well. However, if you have the time to put in the work, this is a good alternative for only £1 to Clinique's blush which costs £19 for the full sized version!

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