Monday, 17 October 2011

My new dressing table...

Back in April, while having a wonder round my home town with my sister, I spotted this...
in a second hand furniture/junk shop. I had been looking for a dressing table for ages, as my Argos corner desk really wasn't cutting it as a home for my prized make up possessions. I had been struggling to find anything I liked and could afford anywhere, but when I saw this, I felt inspired to do a renovation job! The dressing table has 6 drawers and matching stool, and has glass panels on the horizontal surfaces. I think it was on sale for about £80, I got it for £70 with free delivery. The table is in fact solid oak *please don't shoot me for wanting to paint it* I couldn't leave it like that could I?
After one coat of primer (Zinsser B-I-N primer/sealer/stain killer spray)

Completed drawers, complete with glass crystal knobs

The finished article!

Complete with stuff, and essential picture of the canine!

Products used;
1. Cheap foam roller and brush from any DIY store
5. Monsoon meadow wallpaper (to line drawers and surfaces)(I got mine in b&q for less than £20 a roll)
6. Sandpaper in various different grades

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