Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My new eye shadow palette

With an ever increasing and slightly obscene amount of nude eye shadows in my collection, I decided, having seen it done on YouTube, to have a go and customising my own eye shadow palette. Not only would this save on packaging and space, but I thought it would encourage me to use eye shadows that were overlooked due to being at the bottom of the pile! I firstly needed to find a palette. I read lots of reviews and decided the popular z palette didn't seem value for money considering it was cardboard! I therefore ended up buying an 88 palette below, costing £4.09. It was cheaper than empty palettes online, so I decided to rip the cheap eye shadows out.

Cheapy ebay 88 palette
The eye shadows were really easy to remove and came out complete so I may save some and add to the finished palette!

Half way...
I decided to use the 'candle method' of depoting my eye shadows, as I was too scared of ruining my GHD's. There are lots of examples of this on YouTube, and I found it quite easy. Apart from  a candle I used some tweezers, a pin, and a sharp knife. I managed to depot a vast range of shadows and not crack any! I then purchased some self adhesive magnetised paper from Hobbycraft to stick in the palette and placed my depotted shadows inside. Despite appearing metal, I was disappointed to find that some of the pans still wouldn't stick (Boots 17, No7 and MUA I'm talking to YOU!!) so I've had to stick magnets on the bottom of those, covering the labels telling me what each eye shadow is!

The nearly finished article..
I'm nearly done now. I'm really pleased with it, it makes it easier to see what I have, and more importantly, what I don't have! This palette for a start contains no matte shades, particularly a matte black I think. I may increase my collection and then do the same with blushers! The above palette now contains a mixture of Boots 17, No7, Clinique, Kiko, Maybelline, Stila, and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette.

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